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Should You Buy Marijuana Online?

Some people are not comfortable to buy marijuana online because they do not quite understand how it works, or they think it is a complete scam. Fortunately, I am here to clear up any misunderstanding. Here are most general misconceptions people have about buying weed online.

It is not legal

Buying marijuana online is actually rightly legal, as long as you are buying through a website that is authorized to sell you weed and other goodies. Also, you have to be in legal state. If you live in Kanas and where planning on ordering some marijuana from, Say Colorado, then you can throw that plant out the window any online dispensary shipping that you are buying through has to go through a legal pipe before they are permitted to go forward with selling their product. You can rest assured that what you are doing is rightly legal.

They will deliver anywhere

Surprisingly, a lot of people believe that when you buy Cannabis oil online UK it does not matter if you live in a legal state or not, they will deliver to you. This is definitely not the problem. Again, if you do not live in a state where cannabis is legal for medical or recreational use, then an online dispensary shipping will absolutely not deliver to you. That would be breaching the law obviously, and such a violation would cause them to lose their license and get arrested.  Some people who love in states where cannabis is not legal. Your day will come soon.

It is not safe

When people think of buying online cannabis, they generally picture buying from some shady dude on Craigslist, who ends up taking your cash and scamming you. You know, a drug deal. Buying online cannabis is rightly safe, again as long as you are buying from an online dispensary shipping USA. Your information would not be stolen and/or sold, or used against you in anyway. Buying through internet is actually more discreet than the substitute.

You can maybe pay with a card

One of the most suitable things about online shopping is your capability to enter your debit or credit card information, place your order, and wait for your purchase to be brought to your door. Buying online weed has all ease regular online shopping, except for using debit card definitely. It is not because dispensaries do not want to take your card, they cannot. Cannabis is still legal under federal law, and this stops banks from doing business with growers. so how are you supposed to pay?

In simple words, cash. Some dispensaries are beginning to accept crypto currencies through the use of applications. It is not as difficult as you think. As long as you have the cash when your goods are deliver, you are best to go!

There is nothing unsafe or bad with buying cannabis online, as long you are purchasing from the best people! Never ever buy weed off a website like Craigslist, or through social media website like Facebook is asking to get busted. Be clever and smart!


Before you buy weed, or marijuana online, you make sure that you are buying it from a legal weed dispensary. Fortunately, we are one of them. Green Mall Dispensary is one of the leading online dispensary shipping companies in the world who has the authority to produce and sell medical and recreational marijuana for medical purposes. Though, you can shop from our online store.